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The backbone of CURD is user reviews. Positive experiences shared by others can significantly boost your visibility and credibility, especially with our Trust Circle feature.

A referred customer is often a high-quality lead- CURD excels in the referral domain. Leverage this by encouraging satisfied customers to refer your business within their network.

CURD provides crucial analytics on your Work Centre that helps you gauge your performance. Monitor these trends to understand referrals & rewards given better.

CURD WorkCenter

A New Hotspot for Exponential Productivity

Our Work Centre provides actionable insights for maximizing your business potential. It is a robust framework for effective marketing & strategy refinement, ultimately driving brand awareness & customer engagement.

Work Centre
workcenter curd Network
Business Leads

Assesses the volume of potential customers, aiding your marketing efforts to precisely target interested parties.

workcenter curd Network

Showcases quality leads from trusted referrals, directing high-value prospective customers your way.

workcenter curd Network
Business Closure

Monitors completed deals, providing essential feedback to optimize your business strategies.

workcenter hiring
Job Postings/Hiring

A feature that allows companies to post available jobs, streamlining the hiring process and reaching a wider, interested audience.

 workcenter campaign manager
Campaign Manager

An in-built tool for businesses to increase visibility through running targeted advertisements, ensuring better reach and more effective marketing strategies.

Brand Bridge
workcenter business community
Business Community

A platform for businesses to add their customers and let them know about their product & offerings, ensuring better communication and customer retention.

workcenter | network with professionals
Trust Circle

Illuminates the credibility of your brand by highlighting the number of people who trust your business.

workcenter review | company review sites

A dedicated section for users and businesses to leave and view feedback, providing valuable insights for improvement and building trust in the community.

Reward-your-connection | company review sites Curd
Why should you reward your connection?

Rewarding your connections can create a stronger bond between your business and your trusted referrers, increasing retention. It goes a long way to incentivise good word-of-mouth and encourage future business deals from your connections.

Hire Talent Through CURD
hire talaent Curd Network
Trustworthy source

Referrals coming from trusted contacts and current employees, provide an additional layer of trust and reliability.

hire talaent Curd Network
Quality candidates

Referred candidates are normally high quality leads with the right acumen. The accountability of candidates is heightened as their performance not only reflects on themselves but also on the people who referred them.

hire talaent Curd Network
Higher retention rates

Referred employees tend to have longer tenure as they possess a clear understanding of the company’s environment, resulting in fewer unexpected events that could cause early departures.

hire talaent Curd Network
Cost and time effective

Referral-based recruitment proves cost-effective and time-efficient by diminishing job posting expenses while streamlining the screening and interviewing process.

Accept payments in CURD Coins
Leverage referrals from your
connections for personal growth

CURD’s versatile platform caters to everyone, fostering connections, promoting growth, and unlocking new opportunities in a unified community.

How to earn rewards in CURD coins?
  • refer someone | opportunity professional network - Curd
    Refer someone to CURD
    Spread the word and invite friends, colleagues, or businesses to join the CURD community for a chance to win CURD Coins.
  • requirement to a business | opportunity professional network
    Refer a requirement to a business
    Connect a business with a specific requirement, and if they like your referral, you can earn CURD Coins.
  • closed business refrrals
    Closed business referrals
    If your referral leads to a closed deal, you’ll be rewarded with CURD Coins as a token of gratitude for contributing to the success of businesses in the CURD community.
Creators & Influencers
for creator and influencer
Expand your
content reach with
Interest-based feeds

CURD tailors content based on user interests, ensuring your content reaches an audience who is interested and more likely to engage with it.

Dual-feed system

CURD segregates feeds into ‘Social’ and ‘Professional,’ increasing your content’s visibility by preventing it from being buried under unrelated content.

Monetize your
digital presence
Brand-creator connection

CURD’s algorithms help relevant brands discover and connect with you, creating opportunities for partnerships, sponsorships, and collaborations.

Global payments

CURD integrates a digital wallet for seamless global payments. Accepting CURD Coins and converting them to fiat currency enables borderless transactions and international collaborations.