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CURD Search Ads: Direct Target, Direct Results

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Reach your audience when it matters most. CURD Search Ads display alongside relevant keyword searches, bringing your business front and center.


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Keywords are King
Choose specific keywords connected to your offerings. When users search, they see your campaign with social proofing, alongside organic search results.
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Smart Bidding
Engage in a real-time bid auction, knowing that your ad's trustworthiness—quantified by community reviews and trust seals—enhances its placement potential. The bid and the quality score, enriched by social proof elements, dictate the ad's spot.
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Ad Crafting
Construct text-based ads consisting of headlines, descriptions, and URLs. Consider embedding user testimonials or star ratings for added social proof within thead content.
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High Rank, High Returns
On CURD, ads are ranked by bid amount, ad relevance, and crucially, by their standing within the community. Ads amplified by robust community endorsements naturally claim superior placements.
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Ad Display With Distinction
When a user enters a relevant search query, CURD’s algorithm determines which ads to display and in what order. Ads are explicitly labeled to distinguish them from organic search results, ensuring transparency and trust. The presence of community endorsements and ratings further elevates the credibility of these ads within the search results.
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Clicks, Costs, and Community Endorsement
On CURD, advertisers pay per click. The CPC varies based on keyword competition and ad quality. Advertisers can efficiently manage their daily or monthly budget, assuring that each click is rooted in genuine community interest.
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Metrics Matter
With CURD's tools, monitor ad performance, gauge conversion rates, and much more.
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Fine-tune & Optimization:
Update keywords, copy, targets, and bids for enhanced outcomes.

Search Ads?

More than an ad, it’s a recommendation. CURD emphasizes social proofing, ensuring users don't just see you, but trust you. This fosters higher conversions and an unmatched ROI.

Why Curd Image

Referral Relevant Ads

Referral - Relevant Ads - Curd Network

Targeted marketing meets social proofing. As users post requirements on CURD App, our AI matches your offerings to their needs. Your ad then appears alongside trusted referrals, creating an environment of credibility and trust. With this, expect significantly higher conversion rates.

CURD Visibility Ads

Visibility is paramount for businesses aiming to captivate potential clients. We’ve meticulously crafted our App to ensure your enterprise achieves optimal exposure. Regardless of whether you’re targeting a B2B or B2C audience, CURD, empowers you to position your ads seamlessly within relevant Social or Professional feeds.

Utilize the CURD Campaign Manager - your definitive toolkit, designed to optimize, implement, innovate and assess your social media advertising endeavors with precision and efficacy.

Bidding and refinement - business community


Campaign Craft

Objective Selection
Align your campaigns with marketing goals, choosing from objectives like brand awareness, lead generation, website traffic, and more.
Targeting Done
Define your ideal audience using demographics, location, behaviors, and interests. Our tool offers tailored options to ensure your ads resonate with the right crowd.
Budgeting & Scheduling
Control your spend by setting a maximum budget. Decide when ads go live.
manager-guide for Curd Network
manager-guide for Curd Network

Ad Dynamics

Ad Formats
Add image ads, videos, carousel displays, stories, or sponsored posts, tailored to the platform's specifics.
Creative Assembly
Upload your visuals, compelling copy, and other vital assets to craft captivating ads.
Ad Experimentation
Design multiple ad versions, allowing for performance-based optimization.

Bidding & Refinement

Bidding Approach
Decide on your bidding structure, be it CPC, CPM, or other modes.
Smart Optimization
Our tool auto-tunes ad delivery, emphasizing relevance and optimizing performance.
manager-guide for Curd Network
manager-guide for Curd Network

Monitoring & Insights

Live Tracking:
Watch your campaign metrics in real-time, observing metrics such as impressions, conversions, and click rates.
A/B Analysis
Use the manager’s A/B testing feature to discern the most impactful ad variants.
Data-Driven Reports
Dive deep into comprehensive reports, steering your future campaigns with clarity.

Budget Oversight

Expenditure Monitoring
Keep a keen eye on your spend, ensuring alignment with your set budget.
Dynamic Adjustment
Modify budgets and bids in real-time, based on ongoing results.
manager-guide for Curd Network
manager-guide for Curd Network

Audience Re-engagement

Utilize prior ad engagement data to recapture the interest of potential clients, focusing on those familiar with your offerings.

Creative Evaluations

Ad Testing
Experiment with varied creatives, headlines, and calls-to-action to discover the optimal mix.
manager-guide for Curd Network
manager-guide for Curd Network

Ongoing Refinement

Iterative Optimization
Constantly sift through campaign data, tweaking elements for better ROI and to meet your outlined objectives.