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Ankit from Crud Network
Ankit Baradia
CEO & Founder

Ankit is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 15 years of experience in running a successful business. His enthusiasm for our sector, blockchain and Web 3 technology, fuels our journey in this evolving field.

Ankit is known for his tenacity and ability to rapidly absorb new information. This, combined with his international business education and tech knowledge, makes him a formidable leader and a driving force behind our direction.

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Shweta from Crud Network
Shweta Kamalia
Head Of Business

Shweta is known for her vibrant energy and excellent leadership skills. Shweta has a proven track record of over a decade in business ownership and corporate leadership, excelling particularly in forging partnerships across diverse sectors. Her positive energy is often contagious, with her infectious smile fostering a positive and encouraging work environment.

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Seshadri from Crud Network
Seshadri Krishnan
Strategic Advisor

Seshadri comes with 20+ years of Technology & IT services experience and is known for transforming businesses & their culture. He mentors startups and entrepreneurs as part of TIE, Nassomm, 10,000 startups, TLabs & more.

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Yuvaraj from Crud Network
Yuvaraj Thanikachalam
Technical Advisor

Yuvraj is a blockchain enthusiast and his passion for this potent technology led him to set up Kreatorverse, a Web3 production studio dedicated to building applications on the decentralised web. He is known to help businesses go from idea to proof of value.

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Anirban from Crud Network
Anirban Ghatak

Anirban is a seasoned educationalist with 13+ years of successive experience in research & corporate consulting. He has scored a Doctorate In Philosophy from Indian Institute of Technology & a Phd in Evolutionary Game Theory from the department of Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, IIT Bombay.

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Dinesh from Crud Network
Dinesh Guntikogula
Vice President Engineering

Dinesh, with over a decade’s worth of experience under his belt, serves as the masterful Software Architect. Along with enriching the workspace with his technical expertise, his stories from his global travels, infuse a unique, adventurous spirit into our everyday work.

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